AI Love You


AI Love You will be performed as part of the Vancouver Fringe. Performing at Studio 16, V6J 1S1 6th - 14th of September for tickets please click below:

A “choose your own story” exploration of the developing boundaries between humans and artificial intelligence which lets the audience decide: should the will of a robot ever override the will of a human?

Adam and April are a regular twenty something couple, very nearly blissfully generic, aside from one important detail - one of the pair is an ‘artificially intelligent companion’, tailor made for the other. They were hopelessly happy until unexpected health concerns began looming over their relationship. Plunging into a chaotic battle of ethics and emotions and grieving for what they haven’t yet lost, they remain divided about how long an artificially intelligent partner should suffer a hopeless future on behalf of their beloved.

Casting the audience as the ‘Creative Biolife Ethical Steering Committee’ gives them the challenge to decide the fate of the couple. Who lives and who dies is controlled by the power of their vote. The show explores themes of terminal illness and end-of-life care, abusive relationships, group decision making, and the ethics of robotics. AI Love You is “an hour of thrilling debate” (West End Wilma) which explores the unique complications introduced by the artificially intelligent nature of a union, and asks for heart-breaking decisions about life and death that linger long after the lights have gone up.

Past reviews:

★★★★★ Spy in the Stalls 

★★★★ “Emotionally charged, deeply moving piece... I was left with goosebumps”- West End Wilma

★★★★ The Peg     

★★★★ London Pub Theatres

The original productions was:

Written by  Melanie Anne Ball

Directed by Joe Ball

Devised and performed by Eve Ponsenby & Peter Dewhurst

More information can be found here: