That beautiful Mechanics Shop where we played with 800 paper air planes. @winegames82 you hero!



Mechanics Shop


The 9th of July saw the first Mechanics Shop rock the COLAB Factory, have a look at what went down:



MAZE from Bacchanalia Theatre:

Maze is an exploration of the unknown. Solve puzzles to discover ancient secrets. Loosely based on the minotaur legend, can you survive the beast within?

maze mec pic.png


Peter Dewhurst: The Mission: Occupy Mars

Mars is going to be colonised by you. As humans take this next great leap, so too do we trial a great experiment. A new world should have the chance to have a new order. Can you, the unwashed masses, run a world better than a member of the 1%? Or will the old ways prove to be to convenient for you sheeple. 

occupy mars.png


Kai Oliver: Dog Shelter

A pack of stray dogs have been left out in the rain. If those canines could talk... well, a passerby with an umbrella may just have the opportunity to hear a tale or two...

Inspiration Image Rect.png

Exit Productions, FIGHT NIGHT 

Testing the mechanics behind our up coming big project, FIGHT NIGHT, we gave teh audience the opertuinity to fix a boxing match, at the same time as gamble on the outcome. 



This scratch tests a code breaking mechanic using messages that have been encrypted by Enigma. You will be pairing up encrypted messages with their decrypted counterparts and using this information to decipher the indecipherable. This is to test the average time it takes to complete this challenge.


Read our manefesto below:

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We are setting up a scratch night aiming to allow artists and companies to test out the mechanics of interacting with an audience. Giving space for all of us to develop the way we get people involved in the action. 

Or if you just want to give us a shout, give us a shout: