We are constantly developing new ideas

Here is a flavour of a few...

Eco Chambers

A show/Game that gets audience to try and convince each other of a different way of thinking. Placing them at the heart of Eco-protests. The fate of the planet is in your hands.


The Economy Projects  

using game and experience to explore how we all interact WITH THE economy   

  • Fight Night - an evening where an audience have to try and fix a boxing match before gambling on the result. Using an in world currency and adaptable narrative this is interactive theatre at it's most punchy... With a fully immersive world and a game of greed layered over - you can become a main player in Fight Night and change the course of a live boxing match... More information to follow soon.


  • The Mission: Occupy Mars - Can an audience beat a single facilitator at a game? Surely the many have a better chance than the few? Unless the 1% are rigging the game in their favour. Much like playing an older sibling or trying to get on the property ladder in London... Beat the 1% looks to make life hard for anyone who wants to play. Inspired by the occupy movement. But that's enough about politics - surely this would be all more interesting if we transported you to Mars. A fresh start, a chance to perfect a system with out the shackles of the old society. Will you survive, will you break free from the old way of thinking, who knows? Only playing the Mission will tell.



Keep them out is a live survival game - where you and a team are the last bastions of hope against the on coming hoards. 

Can you keep them out or will you fall against the waves of hate the rage against you. 


Working together to overcome digital and physical challenges to defend the room. Making moral and tactical decisions as a group in the desperate hope to survive. 


KEEP THEM OUT draws inspiration from escape the room games (even if technically it is the opposite) , tower defense games and self organisation. Using augmented reality to collide the digital and physical world.