An immersive game, role-play, show that casts the participants as leaders of a revolution, where they must come together to make moral and tactical decisions about the revolution they are leading as well as the society that they want to see if they are successful.  

although all of that aside perhaps the best endorsement comes from our 5 star review:

"I came to the conclusion that companies should forget psychometric testing, Myers-Briggs, etc and send employees to live the Revolution. It’s amazing what you discover about yourself. I came away realising I am way more competitive than I thought I was, really dislike losing and can be a little dictatorial in my dealings with people. I also realised I’m actually not bad at thinking on my feet, a reasonable public speaker and could possibly get a job in Marketing or PR. More importantly, as I headed out into the real world, I knew I had just experienced a thoroughly great evening which I had enjoyed from start to finish and as interactive/immersive experiences go, Revolution ranks as one of the best."
Terry Eastham, Londontheatre1

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Keep in mind that we are a gaming theatre company - we create events that put you at the center of the action. 


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