Made With Kai Oliver


We the people have had enough. We the people will no longer be lied to. We the people believe it is time for Revolution.


★★★★★ "A thoroughly great evening ... as interactive/immersive experiences go, Revolution ranks as one of the best." 

Revolution is an event like no other. This experience  brings together gaming and interactive theatre and casts the audience as leaders of factions in a civil war. We ask you  to decide the fate of a Revolution. What would you fight for?


"Technology and materials are used wonderfully... the design team deserve a tremendous amount of credit." 
Jason Warren, Creating Worlds
Exit Productions first major public event draws inspiration from games like Risk, Diplomacy and Settlers of Catan, audiences have to come together to make important moral and tactical decisions which determine the shape of the experience. Could you be the one that takes control or will you fail the Revolution!



★★★★ "This is more than just a piece of theatre, it is an experience that puts you in the heart of the matter." 
Dark Readers