The Mission: Occupy Mars

“Human beings wanted for hazardous Journey. Low Wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.

You answered in your thousands. Perhaps it was testament to how bad things had gotten on Earth. Perhaps you have always been like this. Drawn to the horizon.”

The Mission: Occupy Mars is a live game played between 50 people all trying, simply, to survive on Mars. But what is survival? do we need more than just to breathe and eat? what would you fight for if we could start everything over again on a brand new planet?

Time for one more giant leap. You are colonising mars and this your one chance to shape it in your image. A new world should have the chance for a new order, or are the old ways set in stone no matter how far you go? Can you, the unwashed masses, run a world better than the 1%?

Set in a not-so-distant, you are part of the first colony on Mars. In this unique piece of game theatre, you must work together to survive on in the hostile landscape you now call home, while Earth tears itself apart. On this world far from Brexit, Trump and social division. Will this new colony be able to work together and be a shining example to us all…

The Mission: Occupy Mars is a live game played by the entire audience of up to 45 audience.

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