Finding the meeting points between games and theatre/ 

Exit Productions gives you events that put you at the center of the action. 

We have been operating from 2017, if you are looking for Exit productions UK or any Exit work before this time. Head to https://www.quietlyfight.com/ or check out their work https://www.facebook.com/quietlyfightingtheatre/ 



We bring you events that you can't help but get involved in... 

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interactive Theatre

REVOLUTION is back!!!


We believe that theatre is  LIVE 


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If you need your guests to have an unforgettable experience, get in touch, we can make it happen. 

Keep Them Out


Our new experiment to find another meeting point between game and theatre. Where you the audience have to try and survive the end of the world. 

We will be exploring this project by projecting onto a table then using a webcam to capture cards and use that to influence the digital game. At the same time as posing questions and moral problems through a narrative that adapts to the choices you make.